When muscles don't work, Maestro Clinical does.

Dual Maestro Arm Support
Adapted from the Steadicam™ technology used in movies, Maestro helps create magic in everyday life.
By lessening the pull of gravity on a patient's weakened limbs, Maestro allows them to work longer through each session to help achieve faster results. With industry-leading range of motion, Maestro helps return mobility, freedom and independence to patients with injuries and neuromuscular challenges.

Each Maestro Clinical units comes standard with dual arms for a balanced recovery.

Rolling Cart
Each Maestro Clinical unit is attached to a rolling frame, giving the therapist the freedom to move the arms around the office. The wide base fits most wheelchairs, allowing the patient to easily access the device.

The rolling cart provides four locking wheels to keep the cart stable when in use and can easily be moved and stored, as needed.

Folding Workstation
The optional folding workstation is a great addition for smaller clinics. The worktable can be used for activities during therapy sessions, an extra work area for therapists or folded away when not in use.

The table height can be adjusted to fit the needs of the patient.

Quantitative Measurements
An integrated ruler allows the therapist to track improvements in each patient's range of motion. With quantitative measurements, individual patient setup is repeatable and patient progress can be tracked for reimbursement.

Measurements can be tracked from both sides of the unit for unilateral therapy.

Patented Cuff System
Our unique, patented cuff system help your patients can reach their full potential in comfort. The cuffs wrap securely around each arm, ensuring they will stay with them no matter what activities they are performing.

Each cuff can be attached either beneath or above clothing for maximum flexibility and comfort.



Standard Unit

  • Dual Maestro Arms
  • Rolling Cart
  • Quantitative Measuring Tool


Optional Folding Workstation

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Talem Technologies is a company built on reshaping what's possible. We empower the persistent to succeed by developing groundbreaking rehabilitation and assistive innovations Our pusuit began with the X-Ar, an arm-mounted exoskeletal device that improves limb mobility for those affected by spinal cord injuries and neuromuscular degenerative diseases. Its success laid the foundation of quality, ingenuity and performance that serves as our promise to every customer. We brought together thought-leaders in industry, medicine and academia to create innovatieve, practical solutions for the people who need them most - products that don't just enable, but empower.

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